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You wish you could bring your pets everywhere with you!  But when you can't, we would love to be the ones they want you to call to come take care of them. We provide a variety of professional pet care services in your home or ours.  For business, or vacation.  Daily, or occasional.  All of our services are customizable, so if your four-footer only needs a walk or visit a few times a week, we are more than happy to work with you! 

             PET SITTING

Pet Sitting is a wonderful alternative to kenneling your pet(s) (and we don't mind how many you have!)  They stay in their own environment, thus avoiding some of the stress of being away from you and their comfortable surroundings.  


And let's face it, sometimes your pet(s) require too much "luggage" to pack up and try and get into the car, or their present environment is impossible to duplicate (such as with fish, reptiles, etc.) so it's much easier for someone to come to you!


HOME-AWAY-FROM-HOME                      BOARDING 

Everyone loves their sleepovers with us!

This is our most popular service!(Sorry no cats.  They do not transition well in new surroundings, and some of our canine friends that stay with us may not like a feline for a friend)  Your pet becomes our pet! They will be made to feel as comfortable with us as they are at home....  Hanging out with us, watching T.V., comfy sleep-over environment, getting belly rubs along with our Karley, or anyone else that is boarding with us at the time, taking walks together, etc.  Just like the love and attention they get at home. 


 Be assured that when your furbaby stays with us they will be getting plenty of one-on-one attention, and 24 hour supervision.



Does your furbaby need daily care and companionship?  Do you have a new puppy, or an older senior that definitely needs a potty break, not to mention a good stretching of legs, maybe their lunch?  


Or maybe your adult dog just needs to get out a little energy so he's not so bored and looking for another pair of shoes to chew. 


Maybe you need to work later, and won't be home in time to potty them or feed them their dinner?  


Midday, or late day, we're here to help you with your busy schedule.  




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